What's on My Android and My Setup

Hey guys :

A lot of YouTubers are showing off what's on their Phones. So I thought I would do the same, only since I do not have a YouTube channel, I would do it in writing.

So without further a do, here we go.

Before I begin, I will mention what ROM I am currently running, and how it all began. I am running on latest version of OwnROM on my Huawei Nexus 6P. That ROM is feature packed and I love it. It's very stable and smooth.

As for Wallpaper, I found it on Zedge. And for a setup to be good, it all starts with a usable Wallpaper. So before I decide to create a setup, I first look for a wallpaper which will decide it all.

Click the image above to see what my setup looks like and what I used to create it under every screen. Hope it's easy to make out.

Else here's a detailed setup description.

This here is my new and fully functional #OwnAngler Setup. I shall go ahead and describe it for those of you who want to know more.

First off, let me point out that it all starts with a good wallpaper. And I found this one on Zedge that made all this possible.

Starting with middle screen which is in fact the main home screen. I have Transparent Weather Widget, which gives me weather as well as other various system information. I paired that with Amazing TextPlus just to add a personal touch and finally of course, me hating toggles being in notification shade I added Power Toggles to every screen.

Now on to the left screen. I used Chronus RSS News Widget grabbing news from one of my many favorite Tech news blogs, RedmondPie.com. Paired that with Power Toggles and PowerAmp for quick access to my music.

And finally the right screen. I have been using this Pro Calculator + Widget Widget for 2 years now. Absolutely love it. Gives me quick access to the calc without having to go looking for app icon. In my line of work, being a salesman I need to make quick calculations on the go. Power Toggles of course, and a Quick notes Widget to take store related notes, as you can see, we are currently having offers on MacBooks and iPhones as well as iPads lol ;)

I feel that I should also mention that I won't list all the apps, else it would make for a book long post lol. And not gonna mention all the CM13 themes, or icon themes. Just the ones am using currently. I will link you all below to the full list of my installed apps via an image.

That said, it's time to list all I got on my phone.

I run Nova Launcher Prime as my main launcher. I been using it for many years and don't see any other one that comes close to what it gives me. Has always been stable and love its features.

- Widgets :

I have a ton of Widgets installed. Just for Lolz. I keep switching between them with every new setup. Will use whichever goes well with what am trying to do. I cannot list them all, but I will list the most used ones. HD Widgets, Transparent Weather Widget, Amazing Text Widget, Power Toggles, Power Amp, Clear Notes, Calculator, Zooper Widget Pro and Chronus, to list a few.

- Wallpaper Apps :

As to how I get my Wallpapers, I got 2 main apps for that, BackDrops, and Zedge. Both apps are amazing and have awesome wallpapers to choose from. Made by great artists. I love them both equally.

- Music/Podcast Apps :

Since I moved to the UAE where Internet is plentiful, and Data limits are very high, I no longer download music and store on my phone thus keeping my phone storage free for other things. I stream for hours on end. For that I use MixCloud, and DI.fm simply coz I enjoy all types of electronic music. For Podcasts I use the good old SoundCloud. Lastly I keep PowerAmp on my phone just in case am out of Data range, namely when I travel without Roaming.

I got a few others, that I use much less frequently. Check them out in apps list image above.

- Root Apps :

Well, since am using a Custom ROM, it's normal that I would be Rooted. I just don't take too much advantage of Root. I use very few apps or tweaks that require Root. I use MyBacup Pro for backing up my apps and settings and Freezing some duplicate system apps, when switching ROMs. I find it simpler than its competitors.

I also use FlashFire, Flashify, BusyBox Pro and Kernel Auditor for system tweaking. That is all. I don't see the need for more, keeping ROM stable as it is my daily driver.

- Social Media Apps :

Ok, time to mention my Social Apps. I use Fenix as my chosen Twitter client, just coz it's awesome and just works. I used to use RoBird but I recently switched to Fenix. Also Facebook + Messenger, Google Plus. For messaging I use Hangouts, WhatsApp for family and work with Skype, Telegram for friends, and ChompSMS for SMS messaging. Oh and Tapatalk for my forum app of choice.

- Shopping Apps :

Oh, wow, I forgot about those. I don't use many, among the few, Amazon, NewEgg for international orders, SouqCom, DTCAE, and GoDaddy for Domains.

- Watch Faces & Apps :

I currently own a Huawei Watch, and have tons of Watch Faces and Watch Apps. But I am not using it now so I will not be listing them just yet. Will update this section when I get to use it as a daily watch. Sorry...

- Themes / Icon Packs :

Ok, as mentioned earlier, I won't talk about all of them. But here's a few. I am currently using 7Null Icon Pack, but I keep switching between many others as I change setups. As for themes I use any one that is black since my Nexus 6P has a Super AmoLed display to save battery. But currently using DarkMaterial

Click on Apps list image above for more.

- Misc Tools :

Finally I would like to talk about a few tools I have and use. Hmm.. I use XE Currency to convert to and from various currencies, since in my line of work in retail we get a lot of visitors from various countries. 

SpeedTest for testing my Data Speeds, AnTuTu for benchmarking, AirDroid for transferring files on and off my phone via WiFi. Solid Explorer for exploring my phone, has Root access too.HideMyAss for VPN, and CatLog for reporting issues to ROM devs.

I hope this post gets some views... 

As usual if you got any questions feel free to ask in comments section ;)


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