Top 10 Watch Faces for Round Android Wear

Yo Fellow Android Wear users,

How's it hangin' today ? All good ? Great! Today I will be posting my top 10 favorite Watch Faces. And since I am considered as an old geezer, most of them will be Analog ones. Sorry for all you fans of the Digital era...

Can't please everyone eh ?

Since I own a Huawei Watch, all the Watch Faces I will be posting here will be of the rounded variety. Sorry about that. 

Many of the Faces listed here, will be for WatchMaker. Download the app, then you can apply them. Others will be straight from Play Store.. I will be providing links, don't you worry ;)

You can grab thousands of more Watch Faces either from WatchMaker GPlus Community or the WatchaWear site as well as Watch elements to create your own. Or of course the Play Store ;)

Shall we begin ?

1- Exodus (WatchMaker) -> Link

A very neat Watch Face that has a lot of info. To display relevant info that suites your needs better follow the instructions below :

- Tap 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock hour marker to change screen.
- Tap center screen for main screen.
- Tap 6 o'clock to remove hands.
- Tap 3 or 9 o'clock to change Time Zone.
- Tap left and right dial for stopwatch.

2 - Tribute to G-Shock (WatchMaker) -> Link

Here's a Digital one for all you Digital fans out there. Reason I like this is, it reminds me of my much younger days, when I used to rock G-Shock watches. Plus the fact that it so damn customisable.

3 - Casio Tough Solar (WatchMaker) -> Link

I kinda love this one. It makes my watch look premium. And like the rest it has so many features. I can't stop switching to it back and forth. Amazing design, lots of work went into this one, you can tell. Props to dev...

4 - Rolling Watch Face (Play Store) - Link

I like this one as it's a Modern elegant interactive watch face with Premium upgrade option. You can always use it for free and it has core options and design, but Premium version comes with lot more features and options.

5 - Navi by ThaPhlash (Play Store) -> Link

Basically what Kevin said in the video. 

NAVI is a modern analog watch face for Android Wear with tiny details that will fill your hearts with joy.

Futuristic Interface with many settings and a clean look. The customization options are accessible by long pressing the watch face, or directly from the Android Wear app simply click the "gear icon".

6 - Challenger by RichFace (Play Store) -> Link

I just love this amazing mix of Digital with classic analog. The attention to detail is astounding ! The fact that you can control music directly from the Watch Face is awesome ! Again this one is free, with an optional paid upgrade fee, which unlocks tons of useful features.

7 - Infinity by RichFace (Play Store) -> Link

Another one by RitchFace I love. And this is the second Digital Face in the list. Looks great on my black watch. Plus we can change the color. Ain't bad...

8 - Critical UI by Thema (Play Store) -> Link

Now this is one of the few that I dunno where to put. It looks sexy, futuristic n all, I like it, but not as much as all the rest. Still it isn't bad.Has tons of cool features like many of the ones I already posted too.

9 - DH World Time 2 v3 (WatchMaker) -> Link

Now this one is just for show. Tells the world time as name says. It's just practical when I travel. I like the design. But it's kinda busy. Still like it.

10 - Reactor Iron Man (WatchMaker) -> Link

This one I just like coz am a fan of Iron Man. This Watch Face has absolutely no special features to note, except that seconds hand don't move unless you desire.

That's it for my top 10 Watch Faces. Hope you guys like what I found. Let me know which ones you like in comments below or on GPlus.

Now I won't just leave you with my top 10, there are a few honorable mentions worth posting, I will just link to them, won't say anything and let you decide...

 Tian Blue (WatchMaker) -> Link

 Knight Rider (WatchMaker) -> Link

Digital Blue (WatchMaker) -> Link

Time Warp (WatchMaker) -> Link

Running Watch (Play Store) -> Link

Bellagio Multi (Play Store/WatchMaker) -> Link

Enjoy this huge list of Watch Faces. I am sure I will have many, many, many more favorites in the future. Am just beginning here. Am loving the choices I have. I won't get bored any time soon LoL :D


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