Quick Thoughts on The All New (Or Not) iPhone SE & iPad Pro 9.7

Hey Apple Fans :

Well, a few days ago Apple concluded its March Event labeled "Keeping you in the Loop". Now I can post my thoughts on the 2 major devices it released. The iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7.

See ya after the break ;)

- First off the iPhone SE :

Hmm.. Where should I start ? Well, the iPhone 5S was, and still is a very popular phone even 2 generations down the line. And now the SE will be just as popular, if not more. People still love the form factor. 

I work at an Apple Premium Reseller, and from the questions we get, I know that the SE will be flying off the shelves faster than we can replenish the stock. Price Apple announced will play a capital role too. Very aggressively put. $451/1649AED for 16gb and $561/2049AED is quite a bargain compared to the almost similarly spec'd 6S/6S+... 

I, for one never owned a 5S, I jumped from the 4 to the 6S so I don't need the SE. Still, it will help push sales for us in a HUGE way, hopefully.

In summary, even though some of you think that if one already has the 6S will not think twice about the SE, from experience I can prove you wrong. We already got a ton of 6S owners wanting to trade in their so called over-sized device for the more comfortably sized SE. Yes, I know they will be loosing 3D Touch and the lightning fast Fingerprint sensor, still they prefer the SE size.

Anyway, we will have to see when phone is released to us early April ;)

- Now the iPad Pro 9.7 :

Same case as with the SE. People will prefer this vs the 12.9" one. The older model did not sell well at all. This will fly off the shelves. 

I, for one prefer the 12.9" iteration, as I am a movie buff and love the bigger screen. Just cannot afford it lol !

Only in this case, they will not trade the 12.9" for 9.7". Only new adopters, owning the iPad Air 2 or older will upgrade to it.

I just hope they know that the 9.7" has half the RAM at 2gb and no 3D touch. Although Camera is 12MP vs 8MP on the 12.9". Not that one would use an iPad for taking pics, you gotta be crazy to do that lol ;)

Anyway, in conclusion I would like to note that with the aggressive prices, those new devices will sell better than their predecessors... 


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