Easy Fix for Bricked iPhone Due to 1970 Bug

Hey Tweeps :

As you all know by now, if you set your iPhone date back to Jan 1st 1970 it will be bricked until Apple Service opens it up and disconnects the battery.

Well, am here to save the day. I work for an Apple reseller and have access to many iPhones. We recently fell victim to that bug due to kids having "Fun" :@

Anyway check out my guide after the break.

Ok, here's what you will need in order to recover your "Bricked" iPhone... Since Apple fixed the issue in iOS9.3 Beta 6/7 onwards we will need that iPSW.

- iOS9.3 Beta 6/7 iPSW onwards... Grab it --> Here
- iOS9.2.1 iPSW ... Grab it --> Here
- Latest iTunes... Grab it --> Here
- And some patience ;)

Please follow these steps exactly and you should be back up and running in no time. Here we go...

- Step 1 : Connect your "Bricked" iPhone to PC/Mac 
- Step 2 : Press both Home + Power buttons until you get connect to iTunes logo (Recovery)
- Step 3 : While holding the Shift Key (on PC) or Option (on Mac) Hit the Update button. Do not hit Restore, won't work if you do not have an Apple Developer ID.
- Step 4 : Now select the 9.3 Beta 5 or 6 iPSW, you might get a message saying cannot update, ignore
- Step 5 : Once Update is done skip all the steps, don't configure yet, just go to settings and make sure Date is set to Auto after connecting to WiFi.

Now that your phone is back up and running, you can choose to remain on the Beta iOS if you like to be adventurous. Otherwise, here we will be "Downgrading" back to latest stable iOS version. As of this post it's iOS9.2.1...

- Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to iTunes
- Step 2 : While holding the Shift Key (on PC) or Option (on Mac) Hit the Restore button.
- Step 3 : Now select the 9.2.1 iPSW.
- Step 4 : Let it restore, once done... PROFIT !!!!

Note : Updating will leave all your data intact. So if you care about it stay on iOS 9.3 beta. Backing up on iOS 9.3 then trying to restore once back on 9.2.1 will not work since 9.3 is newer than 9.2.1, iTunes will not let you. Be warned !!!!

I hope that this guide puts an end to the controversy... I wouldn't have been able to do this if it weren't for all the years I spent messing with iOS and Jailbreak... 


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