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Hello There,

Thanks to for offering us a free version of Remix OS/Android OS for PC. Visit for more info. And for download Remix os:

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible if you screw up with your device.


-Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer.
-USB 3.0
-BIOS Should have Legacy/EFI Boot Mode Enabled (Or Enable it manually)
-8 GB USB Drive (FAT32 Format)
-Windows PC/Linux

Do the following steps 

- From the ISO, create REMIX OS on the stick.
- Replace system.img with existing one. 
- Boot it up, select GUEST or RESIDENT mode, proceed to through getting it running.
- Enjoy

Intended for developers and early adopters. 

Version-2016012301-January 25th 2016

Update v2.01

• Fix: Battery indicator enabled on laptops
• Fix: Some minor bugs fixed

- Pre-rooted with SuperSu
- Deodexed & Debloated
- ADBblocing, no BLOCK ADs, BLOCK Banners, BLOCK 3rd Party Cookies etc 
- Only 1.2 GB (1,193,177,088 bytes) 
- Tweaked for Best Performance

As usual unzip & replace your system.img with the following. First boot takes sometime don't worry. 

 Install Google Play Services:

After booting into Remix OS, you'll notice that there is not any Google Play Services/apps like Play Store, etc. To install them, you have to:

    A. Download GMSInstaller.apk from here.
    B. Install APK file and run it.
    C. Click on "One-click to install Google Services" (this will automatically download google play services).

There you go, now you have Google Play Services installed.

After installation, you may be unable to install apps from Play Store. To fix this, you have to clear data for Google Play Services, Google Services Framework and Google Play Store and then restart PC/notebook. After restart, try cleaning data again for Google Play Store again.


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