Yes Upgrading to Windows 10 From Pirated versions of 7 or 8.1 Still works!

Hey guy n gals;

Writing this quick post to tell all of you on Pirated versions of Windows 7 or 8.1 can still upgrade to Windows 10 without loosing your Activation.

I recently was bored, so decided to test the old theory out on VMWare. I installed Windows 7 SP1, Activated it using one the many "Loaders" out there. I then immediately proceeded to upgrading to Windows 10 Build 10586 RTM dubbed the "November Update" or "Threshold 2".

Finally I launched Terminal or "CMD" for short, and typed in the command slmgr /xpr to see if I was still Permanently Activated. BOOM ! I was safe ! Look at pic below !

As you can see, I am still activated ! That's great news for me, coz I am going to be changing my current PC specs, from an Z77 to X79 since I prefer that platform. I don't want nor like paying Microsoft every time I change a component in my Rig(s)...

Oh Happy Day ! ;)


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