Download Windows 10 Threshold 2 10586 RTM

Hey Guys ;)

Microsoft has finally released the first MAJOR Windows 10 update, dubbed Windows 10 November Update or Threshold 2 "TH2" Build 1511.

They have fixed many issues, adding a few others. As a whole Windows 10 is more stable. But be careful, if you had disabled all the "Privacy Invasive" features prior to update, you will have to do so after the update. Yeah I know, Bad Microsoft does it again. I recommend DWS "Destroy Windows Spying" ;)

As you can see, nothing much has changed visually or features wise. It's mostly under the hood enhancements, making Windows 10 more bearable.

That said, find link to folder containing all the ISOs provided by WzorNet from Twitter. To activate just Google "Microsoft Toolkit" ;)


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