Best iPhone 6/6S Case I have found so far.

Hey peeps,

In my search for the ultimate iPhone 6/6S case online, I had missed the fact that we do sell quite a few at the Store I work at, so decided to comb through the huge selection to find one since I get a huge discount for being staff ;)

As you can imagine, it took me a while to go through all the somewhat crappy and cheap selection of cases we got at the store. I kept missing the Element Case brand for some reason.

Until a few days ago, when I saw their cases, I fell madly in love with their Solace case. Has Aluminum top and bottom edges, and buttons are metal. Sadly this was an iPhone 6 case and I had a 6S, so, knowing there is a 0.2mm difference between the two, I was reluctant from trying it, as a result I skipped it, and gave up my search.

Only yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and try this case on my 6S... And am I glad I did, coz it fit my phone like a glove... Wow does it feel premium. I love the feel of the Polycarbonate on the back and CNC Aluminum top n bottom edges. Feels great on the ear. And yeah it does protect the phone well enough...

Oh and I only just found out that they allow us to build our own version over on their official site. Wow ! I love that brand. Granted it's quite expensive, still it's worth every penny. I might customize my own soon and grab it...

Anyway, hope this mini review helps you in your search for a premium feeling case for your precious iPhone ;)


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