The Month Of October in a Nutshell !

Hey fellow geeks...

As you all know, I now work for iStyle, one of the many Apple "Premium" Resellers out there. And this month, October, has proven to be one of the most full of adventures, mis-adventures, and it had 2 major events.

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My adventure/misadventure

Yeah, this month was good and bad at the same time for me. At this point I have been an iStyle employee for a little over 3 months. And boy did I learn a lot. 

Thanks to my colleagues, who did a great job helping me improve my skills as a Sales Executive. Also, my boss, the store manager, has proven to be one of the best I ever had. He has been, and still is, extremely patient with me, since I can be a little clumsy, and forgetful at times.

I tend to forget to accomplish tasks regardless of their importance, also following up on service reports kinda eludes me at times. Am still in the process of taking all these tasks in. I will be working on fixing all them flaws as time goes by. 

As to the misadventures I had, well, I have had my fair share of those this month.  But I will mention one, the one that ruined everything for me.

Every store gets its own share of bad customers, that much I know. And since it's my first time working as a sales exec, it was my first encounter. So, I was ill prepared to attend that so called "Bad Customer".

At the time, I was attending to 2 customers at the same time, which was wrong, I know. Talk about a bad start to a worse situation.

That customer was angry way before entering the store. Which didn't help the situation. After I saw the damaged device, and explained the procedure, customer screamed and yelled which confused me made me panic, and confuse things in my head and tell him/her mis-information which made things worse.

Long story short, that was the worst day I ever had since starting in July. But that wasn't the only one, there has been one other, not as bad as this one, still bad enough to result in a written warning, my very first... 

But enough with the negativity, and on with more positive things...

iPhone 6S/6S Plus Launch

The iPhone 6S/6S Plus launch was good. Not what I had imagined. We stayed late at the store since it was a midnight launch. Still, prior to the launch, I was surprised that the company sent an SMS/Tweet/Facebook post that Launch was at Dubai Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall, not mentiong rest of branches, like ours, so we had a total of 50 people show up and us closing by 1:30 am. 

I was expecting a long ass line like ones I see on TV or on Social media. Oh well, at least it was smooth....

Apple Watch Training/Launch

Ahh... The Apple Watch Training. Now that was an awesome day. We had to attend this prior to the Apple Watch release in the UAE.

The Apple Watch launch, comes, 5 to 6 months after rest of the world. Which, to me, was weird. Anyways, the training was awesome. We learned more about the watch, Role Playing so we are prepared to suite customers needs. We then had lunch... It was great !

Then came Launch day. Shop got a makeover earlier in the month for that. We received the watches, along with Demo Units to put inside the dedicated table, and the Try-on units that customers would be trying on to see which they like best, since the watch is a fashion accessory as well as a smart watch.

Launch day was exactly as I expected it to be. We sold a few, no queues, no fuss, it was a normal day. Why you ask ? Well as I said earlier, launch came very late. People had already bought the watch, be it via online order, or, in our case the so called Grey market... Even Geant the mega Super-market had it on it shelves for months... 

So yeah, no huge swarms of people coming for the watch. But when we do get the occasional few customers coming for the watch, best part, for me at least is the Try-on session, where they get to try a few models on see which goes with what they need.

So far, as the month is coming to an end, I now have more sales than ever before, which tells me that I can do better. I still make a few mistakes, which I shall work on. Otherwise, am happy to work for iStyle, no 2 days are the same. Every day is different, new things are learned.

I owe it all to my Team nay my Family there... Thanks all ;)


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