Download Windows 10 IP Ent/Pro Build 10547

Microsoft's Windows 10 is already out, but the company is still hard at work improving the OS. In a new preview build (10547) of the desktop operating system, Microsoft experimented with some new user interface changes.

If you have tried Windows 10, then you are probably familiar with the placement of tiles under the Start menu. These have been locked into three columns of medium-sized tiles. Optionally, users could instead have two columns -- one column of large tiles and one of medium-sized tiles -- or six small tiles in each row, as opposed to the three medium-sized ones.

After getting feedback from users who wanted to be able to place two large tiles side by side, Microsoft has opted to give users the option to extend this space in settings. Now users can support up to 2,048 tiles in this area if they desire, and can adjust it to their preference.

In tablet mode, Microsoft made the system more Windows friendly, by letting you snap apps to the left or right side of the screen from Task View. This is an interesting turn of events for Microsoft. In Windows 8, Microsoft tried to push a very mobile-oriented user interface based on using individual apps in fullscreen mode. This proved to be an unpopular move, and now the company is attempting the opposite, giving mobile users a more windows-based, desktop-oriented interface.

In addition to these interface changes, Microsoft also pushed out numerous software updates to the system, improving application stability, adding features, and fixing bugs where possible. One of the most significant of these updates applies to systems using Realtek audio solutions and may help resolve some of the continuing compatibility issues observed when moving to Windows 10.

Although some bugs still exist, Microsoft is shifting its focus to gamers, seeking additional feedback on gaming-related issues. Microsoft has always had a strong position in the gaming market, but with new competition like Steam gaming machines, this is an area Microsoft wants to keep a close eye on, or risk losing some market share.

Before these updates are pushed out to the full range of Windows users, Microsoft is letting its Windows Insiders in the fast lane to test drive them first. For the rest of us, expect to see a major update in the near future to your Windows 10 installation.

(Both are x64 no x86 in sight)


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