Apple September Event My Thoughts

Hey gang !

Apple just held its September 2015 event last week. It was great. It introduced quite a few new products. New iPhone 6[S], 6[S]+ and iPad Pro among others.

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Watch the full event above in case you have missed it. But without further a do, here are my thoughts on a per device basis. Will try to make it as brief as I can.

First off, let me just clarify that I am in no way affiliated with Apple, even though I work at an Apple Reseller place selling Apple products.

Now, on to the meat and potatoes...

- First let's kick things off with the Apple Watch thing :

Well, no new Apple Watch to see here, just WatchOS v2.0 which brings many new features like native apps among other neat ones. A few new colors and bands. Nothing too wow here... so on tho the next thing...

- The iPad Pro... 

Finally ! I have been begging Apple to make a 12" to 15" inch iPad for ages. It was love at first frame. When I saw this ad I started drooling all over.

That's what I call a tablet. Some of you might be saying, "It's just another Surface Pro". Well I disagree. I am no Apple Fanboy, so please don't start.

First thoughts that came into my mind after Apple announced the iPad Pro were, "Are they trying to kill off the barely a year old 12 inch MacBook?" But then I saw the promo video, and the iPad Pro does what a Tablet does and not what the MacBook can do. It runs iOS not OSX.

They did say it was 70% faster, we will have to wait and see. And, I must admit, the so called "Apple Pencil" is not for me, nor is the keyboard. If I wanted laptop I would get the similarly sized MacBook. iPad Pro is a tablet, so no sense.

Also, now that it has been confirmed by XCode, the iPad Pro will have 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, it's no surprise that it will be one heck of a beast ! And with iOS9's new Multi-Window apps, it will be a joy to use.

Amazing GPU power, for the highest quality games, Adobe, Office, and more. As for the new "3D Touch" feature, Apple decided to leave it out from the iPad Pro since it has the Pencil, or Stylus. Don't care really.

I will be selling my iPad Air to get this beast...

- The all new Apple TV :

Now on to the new 4th Gen Apple TV. To sum it up in a few words, "That's What the Apple TV should have been".

I do agree that the Android world has had most of those features for ages now. But as we all know, Apple waits in the shadows, analysing the competition, seeing where it can improve, then, at the right moment it hits us with the same thing, but on a much higher level.

Siri is deeply embedded in the all-new TvOS. Allowing for a more streamlined, and easy to use search feature, where you can ask her to bring up an episode of a show with a cameo by a certain actor, as shown in the demo.

Not only that, but the part that made my jaw drop, was when I saw that the new Apple TV now has what we all were waiting for, an App Store. We can now finally use the Apple TV as it was meant to be used. No more Apple controlling what we can and cannot have on this awesome device. We can now download and install Apps and Games on it.

Finally, the Apple TV (4th Gen) now has 64gb of storage, has a much faster CPU/GPU combo, and supports more formats. No no 4k support as of yet, sadly. But it's ok, for now. I still love it.

I will be ditching my 3rd Gen to get it, after I have saved enough to get iPad Pro, will save to get it.

- The iPhone 6[S]/6[S]+...

What can I say about those 2 devices ? I have no idea.... They look exactly like their predecessors, which doesn't come as a surprise. 

The only thing that took center stage, was the feature Apple calls "3D Touch". It's not the same as Force Touch. That feature brings more options, extends the usability of the devices. As shown in above demo, we can get directly to Selfie Cam with a hard press on Camera icon. Or glimpse at an email without having to open the actual one.

Another thing that will make the new iPhones sell out within the first day, is the fact that they now got 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM. I mean Finally! Also they both now have the new A9 SoC with better GPU and m9 the motion Co-Processor, and they upgraded to the 2nd Gen. fingerprint scanner that unlocks phone much faster, meaning that it's twice as responsive.

Overall the new iPhones are a huge bump up from previous ones in every way. I personally don't see it worth the upgrade though. I will be waiting for them to drop here in the UAE, so that I can get one of the iPhone 6 or 6+ we currently have on display for cheap LoL ;)

- The iPad Mini 4...

Can I skip that one ? Nothing much can be said about this except that it's nothing more than a shrunken down iPad Air 2 without an Anti-Glare screen. Not worth the money IMO...

In conclusion, 2 devices have caught my attention out of the 5 announced this time around. The iPad Pro with its beastly 4GB RAM and 2732x2880 resolution which rivals that of the current MacBook Pro Retina 15"... As well as the all-new Apple TV with more freedom, more storage and ATV-OS. Yeah, yet another OS to Jailbreak.

Anyway, what do you guys think of this year's event ? Which devices will you be ordering ? And why ? Lemme know in the comments below ;)


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