Top 5 Games Am looking forward To From E3

Hey there fellow readers :

After watching over 12 hours of E3 2015, I have been wowed over and over again, with all the jaw dropping games lined up for either later this year or early 2016...

I will be listing the top 5 I will be looking forward to with "High Anxiety" (Mel Brooks Film) LoL... Anyway, now there are a lot of great games, still only 5 made me go "Ga Ga"...

Batman Arkham Knight Premium

Need For Speed "Unlimited"

Star Wars Battlefront

Fallout 4

Doom (4?)


Honorable Mention : 
Hitman & Final Fantasy VII REMAKE

Those are my top 5 picks. Now do share with me, what are yours ? Please do share in the comments below, or tweet me @TechXero or on Google Plus +Tech Xero 


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