Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Hands-On

Hey there fellow Geeks...

Today, I will be talking about my Hands-On experience with one of Sammy's 2 Flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 Edge... 

On one of my trips to the Virgin MegaStore here, in Dubai, I had the privilege of playing around with the 2 devices and boy was I a happy camper.

So without further ado, see you after the break for more on that.

The Galaxy S6 Edge is by far the sexiest of the two. Yes, just by adding the, not one, but two "Curved Edges" makes it much more useful. The idea behind this was, that, they needed to accommodate both, left and right handed users; which means that, we can only use one "Edge" at a time. Unlike with the previous Note 4 "Edge" which had only one...

And the amount of useful features that made the Edge useful on the Note 4 Edge, just doubled. But still not many apps/tweaks dedicated to the use of that "Edge" are available on the Play/Samsung Store .... Yet... But in time there will be many..

Now on to screen size, I currently own an iPhone 6 Plus, which is 5.5 inches, a bit on the "Phablet" side, and with the S6 Edge being 5.1", it fits much better in the hand, and is perfectly sized to access the "Edge" part as well as top n bottom. At least for me.

But that's not exactly what blew me away, no sir, it was the next to none Display. That display is gorgeous ! The colors on that thing, it's extremely sharp, crisp... I really like what Sammy has done here. Also with the color temp selector in settings, you can't go wrong. They have done it right , for once.

As for the rest of the Phone, it does resemble the iPhone 6, somewhat, but that was to be expected now, knowing who Sammy is competing with. Especially the aluminum contour.

Time to talk about the software side of things. That's where Sammy usually does things wrong. For years, Sammy made High End Phones, only to kill the performance with their "Skinned" version of Android, called TouchWiz... 

They do that, by adding so much bloatware apps, and unnecessary features. The OS was 1.2gb on-wards at times. Making the experience take a dive to the worst. Well, ladies n Gents, am happy to say that it isn't the case anymore...

Sammy is doing things right this time around. They have listened to our complaints, and decided to put their TouchWiz OS on a heavy diet. And, with Android 5.02 Lollipop, this thing flies through everything I threw at it... 

Keep in mind that this was a display unit, so couldn't actually install anything, still when I ran almost all apps it has, and messed with the infamous Multi-Window, I didn't encounter any lag whatsoever. Experience was extremely smooth. And I must say, it was a pleasure to see that they opted to use the stock Lollipop recent app window as opposed to their ugly one.

I know, most of you wondering about the battery life, sadly I cannot report on that until I have a review unit to test for a longer time. Until then all I can say is, with QHD resolution and 2600mAh, I don't think it will be great, but with their Fast Charge Technology, this won't be much of an issue, time will tell...

Ok, enough with the praise, time to talk about the cons. Yeah, nothing's perfect, sad to say. Although I love the design, in my opinion, I do not like the fact that they opted to go with an all Glass back, which is a fingerprint magnet. 

Also, with the S6 and S6 Edge, there is no expandable storage or user replaceable battery. So we are stuck with whatever storage solution we choose, and we will have to opt for a battery pack in case ours decides to die in the middle of a trip or meeting. 

I do not see why Sammy went with this, since they were known to be one of the very few that did offer user replaceable battery for years. Very odd indeed. 

I have no idea what say about the Camera(s) on the Edge. I have never used cameras on my phones for anything other than quickies to share on Social Media. 

In other words I never cared about quality, as long as they looked nice on Twitter/Instagram. Do not forget that the picture you take with your smartphone is only as good as the service you use to host it.

In my opinion, why care so much about the quality of smartphone cam if the service you going to use to host it will compress it anyway ? I wonder...

In case you do care, here's a great S6/Edge Camera review by GSMArena.


In conclusion, I would like to say this, I am no longer a Sammy hater, they have won me over with the Galaxy S6 Edge. I am used to the non-removable battery since I have never owned a device that had one, like Nexus 4, 5 and HTC One X. So am ok.

- The Pros :

* Excellent Size @ 5.1"
* Display Is Awesome
* Feature Packed
* Less Bloatware
* Smooth Performance

- The Cons :

* Glass Back
* Non-Removable Battery
* Lack Of Memory Expansion


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