Download and Make an ISO for Windows 10 Build 9860

So one of the revelations with today’s release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview update is that there will be no ISO’s offered for this build or any future build for the insider program.  While I can understand Microsoft’s thinking here because they want to test their new update mechanism, it is also confusing from the standpoint of recovery if there’s a system crash running one of these newer builds.  Fortunately there is an easy way to create your own ISO out of the esd file that is downloaded through the updater to give you that “what if it crashes” protection and for clean installations.

Download ESD and convert to ISO
Alternative  ways to get the ESD include initiating the download, and as soon as the install starts, go to C:\$Windows.~BT\Sources and copy install.esd to another location.  Then proceed with the instructions below.
You can also find the file after updating to the new build in C:\RecoveryImage
  • Download the ESD Decrypter tool from HERE
  • EDIT: Updated link above to new 4c version of tool 10/23/14
Once you have your desired ESD and the tool, extract the tool anywhere you see fit (ex: C:\ESDTool) and place the ESD file in the same folder.
Run the cmd file and you will be presented with a list of options.  Option 4 will give you the traditional ISO with a boot.wim and install.wim.  This is the option you want to make a traditional Windows ISO.
Let the tool run, and when it is done you will have a fully functional Windows 10 build 9860 ISO that you can use to perform clean installs as you see fit.  And you will have no problems getting future build updates if you use this method as well.
Drop a comment if you have any  questions or any extra tips!
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