New Internet Plans in Lebanon ? I don't think so !

Hey Fellow Lebanese G33ks :

During May of this year, the Minister Of Telecom @Harb_Botrous surprised us by announcing new, and cheaper Internet Plans. For more info on that visit StateOfMind post here >> Post <<

- My Experience so far;

I have been a client of IDMlb for as long as I can remember, ever since dialup days, going through MOBI and now DSL. 

I have had nothing but a somewhat pleasant experience with everything working as advertised 90% of the time. So far so good...

Alas, this didn't last. At first I was excited at the new plans that were announced almost 2 months ago, waiting patiently for them to come into fruition.

Now that we are here, I had the 2mbps/20gb plan, which was converted to the new 2mbps unlimited. Yeah that does sound like an awesome thing, except it's just a "façade". Yes ladies and gents, you read right. I called it a "façade" just as not to call it what it really is, a "conspiracy"...

I will explain. Ever since the so called "Unlimited" plans were introduced, connection kept getting from bad to worse... I have not seen my connection go so low, as low as dialup, yes, dialup speeds.. 5kBps... 

Here's an example of what a 2mbps connection looks like today. (has been 3 days n still getting worse)

It should say 256kBps (2mbps)

As you can see from picture above, it's anything but what it's supposed to be. Now, to be fair, I gave ISP a chance, thought it was an issue with servers needing more time to accommodate to the changes.

I called my ISP yesterday, then again today, IDM in this case,  and every time they blame something. It's either my DSL Modem, or even where I live. Then they tell me it's the new Fair Usage Policy they have implemented. Speaking of which, one person says that this Policy is applicable only to "Unlimited" plans, another says "All Plans" as we say here "7azzoura" (Mystery)...

If I were the only one suffering, I wouldn't have created this post. I have gone to Twitter, Facebook, G+ and chat. Everyone said the same thing. 

"What The Hell Is Happening ?" 
"We thought it was to get better, not worse!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that said, do not attempt contacting your ISP coz I am almost 100% sure they will always blame it on something. It's never ever them !!

- (New) Conclusion;

In light of the new update, I had to re-evaluate my previous conclusion...

In my opinion, we should actually wait for as long as it take for the E1s to be signed off, for ISPs to get the Bandwidth required to feed the new Plans.

How long will the wait be ? Well, if we take it the "Lebanese" way, it might mean indefinitely. But who knows, miracles do happen... Yeah right.... 

Update # 2 :

Insider report indicates, that the E1s haven't yet been signed off to all ISPs, contrary to what might have been said before. Thus resulting in ISPs trying their utmost to accommodate new Plans with Bandwidth they barely have. As a direct result of that, we, as users are suffering lots of slow downs. 

Update #1 :

Seems that due to "Technical Limitations" 4mbps and greater (limited and Unlimited) packages are extremely limited. Have a look see ant a recent reply from IDM...

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We shall not suffer any longer...


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