Why I download pirated software and games

Hey there fellow Cyber Pirates :

Today I feel like explaining the reasons behind why I prefer to download Pirated Software and games. I have been asked this question a lot lately, so I thought I'd explain it here on my blog.

I know piracy is wrong, but there are reasons as to why I have no other alternatives yet. Please read on after the break and you will understand why...

First off let me explain a few main things :

I live in Lebanon, and the Internet here is far from perfect. We have been suffering from it being the slowest to evolve. Up until the Minister Of Telecom @NicolaSehnaoui showed up and made it somewhat cheaper, but not at all fast enough to cope with today's average use.

Thanks to @NicolaSehnaoui we now have 3G/4G/LTE. But that's beside the point. Internet sure is cheaper, but when simple browsing has become much more demanding, it's not enough.

Why isn't it enough ?

Well, the reason I say it's not enough is, because, although it's cheap, it's not fast, and worst of all we still do not have "Unlimited Quota". Yes, you read right, all packages in existence today have some sort of monthly limit, depends on packages. I have no idea why they cannot provide us with unlimited traffic, but just so you have an idea as to what I mean, please look at the bottom packages list and their prices/quota...

As you can see, none of the packages have unlimited. They only provide us with 8 hours of unlimited traffic from 11pm to 7am... And to me that just won't cut it... We need to do some work during the day time, not become nocturnal creatures, having to do all the work after hours...

That's totally WRONG !!!!!

Why piracy then ?

Very easy, after reading the above, you should see why. In case you couldn't, here's why.

With all them restrictions, buying games on Steam for example, how would we ever be able to download them ? Games are 20gb and above these days, so getting them in one go with only 7 hours of free traffic is almost impossible. So it would take more time, hence more work on our part.

Let me explain, on a 2mbps connection, I can get up to 6gb/8h night. I would have to wake up before 7am to pause the download before it starts using up from my daily bandwidth. Unfortunately there is no way to automate Steam's download like with InternetDownloadManager (IDM).

That's why I go hunting for pirated games, they are made into ISO or RAR formats, which I can just add to my IDM's download queue and slowly download a bit every night. IDM has a download scheduler. Plus having them in ISO format, with them repackaged in a neat installer, not having to backup/restore makes things much easier for me.

And, software like Office, Windows, Adobe, and other are way too expensive for us average joes to afford. So I prefer downloading pirated versions. Plus, I have been out of a Job for way too long, hence no money coming in. And for personal reasons I cannot go into right now, getting a Job is not in the plans, let's just say I have more important things to take care of before I can do that. (aka Don't ask).

Need I say more.... ?

Conclusion :

All am saying is, I do buy games and apps that I can afford don't get me wrong. For example I do have a Steam Account with over 100 game titles purchased via bundles for whenever I go somewhere with good Internet aka Unlimited, and I have bought apps like the entire StarDock library, some OSX apps like Flavours etc... I also buy all my Android Apps.

Am not a 100% Cyber Pirate. Only the extremely expensive and large stuff. It's the truth... 

Anyway hope this puts an end to all your questions.


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