Weather Screen - LWP & Widgets For Android

Good Day Fellas..

In this post, I will be sharing this awesome LWP + Widgets coz it simply is amazing. Been looking for something like that for ages. Finally someone out there did it. 

I bought it and have been using it for a while. It's great. Doesn't hurt battery at all or affect performance. Just what the doctor ordered ;)

Weather Screen is a fabulous combination of weather live wallpaper, which animates current weather, time of day and season on ANY custom background, and a set of beautiful weather widgets!

Based on an original idea, Weather Screen lets you pick image from your gallery (or use one of embedded images) and put current weather conditions right over it on your home screen. Easy-to-setup, customizable and beautiful weather widgets will also bring you all weather info you need, including detailed current weather conditions and 5-days forecast.


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