[Review] KitKat Extreme CM11 AOKP Theme

Hey there fellow droidsters;

In this post I will be talking bout the KitKat Extreme CM11 theme by my personal favorite themer and designer +Addie Baker (BigDX) ....

Let me start by saying that this theme is by far one of the best I have ever come across on KitKat. It's from the same family as JB Extreme CM11 themes. I just is too awesome !

I love the fact that it inverts almost all GApps, and then some. I say almost all, simply because Google seems to have protected some of them from being modified via Theme Engine themes, much like Hangouts which isn't themed by this theme.

But, as you can see from image above, Google Plus has been themed. And, unlike any other "Dark" Themes out there, this one ads a subtle blue Holo look to everything. It's light, easy on the eyes, and just looks awesome. Exactly what we have come to expect from +Addie Baker (BigDX) .

Anyway, I highly recommend that theme to all of you out there that love dark themes and Inverted apps. Find a link to it on the Play Store below. It's worth every penny, and Dev deserves your/our support. So without further a do grab it NOW !!!!


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