Top 5 Major Press Conferences Of #CES2014

Hey there, fellow Geeks :

In this post, I have collected the top 5 major complete press conferences of C.E.S 2014. Samsung, ASUS, LG, Sony and nVidia. I grouped them in one post, as I am not a fan of multi-posting for one thing. 

So sit tight and have fun watching.

Samsung Press Conference

ASUS Press Conference 

LG Press Conference 

Sony Press Conference 

nVidia Press Conference (10 Part Playlist) 

Hope you have enjoyed watching, will add the rest as the event happens in separate posts. So please, bookmark my site and share this post with your friends.
Finally, do share your thoughts on everything that has happened thus far at C.E.S. What you liked or disliked etc.
Thanks ;)


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