Top 10 Apps I got on my Nexus 5

Hey Droid Fans;

In this post I will be showing off top 10 apps I got installed on my Nexus 5. They are in the top 10 because I have been using them since my HTC One X days and they made it to my Nexus 5. So without further delay there thy are in no particular order.

Device Frame Generator

I love this app. Now I know there is another one with more devices, but it requires you to download them one by one, whereas this one just has what I need, and is much simpler, and best of all it works !


LCD Density Changer

Don't mind the language in the screenshot, it's in English when you download it. Anyway, reason I use this app so much, is because I don't like the Stock large icons and little screen real estate. I prefer a much lower DPI. Some ROMs allow you to do that from Customization settings, but most don't. And since KitKat came out I see this feature less n less. 

This app does what it says the way it should. For example on my Nexus 4 I use 260 DPI from stock 320, whereas on my Nexus 5 I use 361 from stock 480. Just open app, set preferred DPI n reboot. Done ! Also, I should point out that it clears Play Store cache so you still have access to all apps n games as per usual. I dunno if you should flash a "DPI Patched" version of the Play Store though. In any case I use an "Inverted, DPI Patched" version found here >> On This XDA Thread <<

This app most definitely requires Root since it modifies build.prop system file.


Assign Contact Photo

Ok, this one needs a bit of explaining.

Since I no longer use Gmail, instead I use Google Apps For Business, I lost the ability to sync Hi-res contact pics. And this app brought this ability back. It's so easy to use. Jut run, login, assign Pics and sync. Done !

It's not for everyone, I know that. Just for all those, who, like myself opted to use Google Apps instead of Gmail. Anyway it's a very useful app indeed, thus it's in my to 10 used apps ;)


Internet Speed meter

Wow, this app is so dang useful to me you can't imagine! 

I absolutely adore this app, it saved me a lot of pain. I live in Lebanon, where Unlimited Internet is nothing short of a myth. Hence why I have to monitor every byte that is being used. Especially that we got low monthly quotas that range from 4g/month all the way to 25gb/month. So as you can see it's a nightmare.

That's where this neat little app comes in handy. I can monitor if n when my phone starts using too much bandwidth. Also what I find even more useful, is the daily consumption sheet. I can see how much I used on a daily basis. Awesome !

Again this is not for everyone, it's for people with capped Internet or those who like to monitor daily Internet consumption.


My Backup Pro

Some people prefer Titanium Backup. I prefer MyBackup Pro.

Yeah, I hate Titanium. It's way too complicated for its own good. I can do the same thing with MyBackup Pro but in a much simpler way. Granted it lacks a couple of features, yet it does what I need it to. It backs up n restores all my Apps + Data, SMS, Photos, Music n videos. Even System Apps if I so choose to.

It also has the so called "Freeze Feature", where it lets you freeze/Uninstall system apps you do not need. I, for example always freeze Messaging (AOSP), Google Now, Stock Calculator, and AOSP Browser simply because I use much better alternatives.

This app requires Root to Freeze apps n stuff, but does not require it if you just wanna backup/restore apps.


Robird Twitter Client

Robird is the simplest, yet most functional Twitter Client I have ever used. It has all the features I need, it's very smooth n fast. Most importantly I just love the Instant Push notifications system.

It has come a long way, and is still being actively updated. Big thumbs up to dev ;)


Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer, is one of the best File Managers I have had the luxury of using. Love the Two-Pane layout in landscape mode, and Two-Pane slide in portrait. I can move files between locations just by dragging n dropping. Also has access to "/root" directory.

It's simple with so many neat features I dare not begin to list them here. Anyway I highly recommend it. 

This app does NOT require root, unless you wanna mess with system files when it will prompt you for root access.


Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is not what you think it is. Well it is but not the way you think. It not another Voice Recorder. It has 2 features I love, one of which is not found in any other Voice Recorder app I have encountered.

SVR records sound even when phone is asleep, that way you can record a conversation, without the other party knowing, and that unique feature I mentioned earlier, is the fact that it lets you skip annoying silence. Yeah it's indeed smart, it detects silence, pauses recording, and once it hears sound it resumes recording. Neat eh ?

I really love this app coz I use it to record Job Interviews without the interviewer know I am. Sneaky no ?


SwiftKey Keyboard

Well, I don't think SwiftKey needs any introduction. Sufficed to say I will never be going back to the Stock Google Keyboard any time soon. The only missing feature to some is lack of emoticons which I am happy to say is coming very soon. It's currently in public beta testing phase.

Otherwise it's just too awesome ;)


WidgetLocker + Theme Browser

WidgetLocker is very useful. Made by the developer of the infamous Nova Launcher, it allows you to add multiple widgets on a single screen, unlike Stock KitKat/JB that only allow you to add one/screen which is just stupid in my book. I love it coz it just works. no issues to report.

This app only requires Root if you select Root-Helper option in case some settings refuse to stick or are incompatible with something you are using. But you do NOT need it.


I hope that this post helps you in getting started with Android. Or, in case you were having trouble finding good apps amongst all that trash on the Play Store.

Yeah, one of the most annoying things about Android, is the amount of useless and trashy apps on the Play Store. One must dig through all that trash for a while to find some good apps.

Anyways, enjoy this post as much as I did writing it ? Let me know in comments below ;)


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