Download XBMC Mega Addon Pack For Windows and OSX

XBMC Third Party Addon Pack v2.2.7:

This pack was Not made by XBMC or XBMCHUB.  I grabbed all the addons I could to create a addon pack in order to make installing and setting up XBMC easier and faster.  This is the most complete pack out on the net.

- What addons are included in this pack -

-sources fusion and xfinity
-Weather = 4
-Pictures = 15
-Video Addons = 252
-Music Addons = 41
-Program Addons = 46
-Skins = 22

Total addons: 383


- XBMC 12.3 Info :

First of all we want to wish happy holidays and a merry Christmas to all our users, developers, contributors and every one else. Thank you all for the support and help and for enjoying our software. Let’s hope the year 2014 will bring all of you health and happiness and of course make XBMC even more great than it already is.

 Now for the important news and Christmas surprise. It has been around seven months after the release of XBMC 12.2 and we are happy to announce XBMC 12.3 with fixes for bugs found in the 12.2 release. The list of fixes contain several bug fixes that are back-ported from the ongoing development from our 13.0 Gotham release. The list only contains fixes that are deemed critical and are relatively easy to apply to the Frodo 12.2 release without risking stability regressions. This means we are aware of several shortcomings of Frodo and trying to fix those would be to intrusive or risky to apply. This also means that 12.3 will be the last of the Frodo line and all future, major improvements will only be included in Gotham 13.0

Without further ado here’s the list of fixes included:•OSX 10.9 Maverick fixes that appeared when it was release.

•update PVR addons
•several PVR related bugs
•memory leaks
•audio channel mapping
•possible crash on progress dialog
•and more

 As many of you may have experienced, 10.9 has caused a number of issues for our current releases. In addition to forcing us to release a 12.3 version, we’ve learned that 10.9 appears to have reset security settings. Now to install XBMC, you need to right click the application after it’s been installed and select “Open” from the list (this need only be done once).

 Alternatively, you can go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General. From there, unlock the lock at the bottom of the window and “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.” This second method is the preferred method, as you will no longer be bothered for future XBMC updates.

- Instructions for Windows :
  • Install of XBMC if not already installed.
  • make sure XBMC is not running.
  • run XBMC Third Party Addon Pack v2.2.7 (will take a while to extract).
  • machine will reboot when XBMC Third Party Addon Pack v2.2.7 is done.
  • after rebooting enjoy new look and addons to XBMC.

- How to manually install addons for other OS's/devices :

  • Install XBMC 12.3 for your OS/device if not already installed.
  • Extract the zip file (XBMC Third Party Addon Pack to the appropriate path (see below for complete list).
  • Restart your computer/device.

Location of the addons and userdata folders for different OS's/device types:

Warning :  Not to offend anyone but there are adult content video addons included.  If you dont wish to have them, feel free to disable or even uninstall them.



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