Leaving Gmail And moving to GApps Premium

Hey peeps;

I am writing this to announce to you all, that I will be leaving Gmail and moving to Google Apps for Business for this domain.

I will also be merging my Google+ account as well as all my currently active Google services, like Google Play and YouTube.

This means, that my main e-mail address will become me@techxero.com and tech@techxero.com. As for my Google+, I dunno yet, I have initiated the merge. But from what I have read, I will, in a way loose all my posts, images, uploads n such. But, on the other hand, I will not lose my followers, or circles. 

So, I will appreciate it, if, when you notice my new address, or profile in your circles, please do not block or delete me.

This move comes after thinking about it long and hard for a while. I need to centralize everything. I was drifting, having multiple accounts, which was becoming quite hard to maintain. 

Mind you, this move will be costing me a few bucks, $5/month to be exact, so it ain't free, but worth it. I will have an e-mail system identical to Gmail, with all Google Apps, and especially the infamous Gmail spam filter, which no other e-mail system has. I personally love it.

Currently, I redirected all mail from techxeroblog@gmail.com to me@techxero.com. It's gonna take a while for all the mail to be moved  from A to B. I got 8 years worth lol... Over 12gb xD

That said, once it's all done, I will be deleting all my old e-mails, Google+ posts n such. Starting 2014 fresh... And more organized...

Thanks for reading this, and I hope it's the last time I will be doing this. 


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