Christmas and my new Nexus 5

Merry Christmas Everyone !

I know it's kinda late for this, but it was such an eventful Christmas this year, I didn't have time for posting ! Anyway, as the post title said, "Santa" got me the Nexus 5 as expected. And in this post I will be talking about my experience with it thus far...

I hope you all had an awesome n eventful Christmas just as I have. Since it's the time for joy and happiness... 

My experience :  

- ROM used : Mahdi ROM
- Kernel used : Mahdi Stock

Now that you know what ROM/Kernel am on, let me start by saying, that I do not trust Benchmark scores. It's my own experience that will decide.


- The Pros :

So far all I can say is that the Nexus 5 is a true beast, when it comes to Raw Performance, and looks so damn sexy. I absolutely love how fast it is, and smooth too. Much smoother than any iPhone, even 5S....

It's buttery smooth, no lag whatsoever even in Google Plus while it's still loading !!! Lag has completely vanished. I used to complain about how laggy my Nexus 4 was, well, now that it's gone am so damn happy !

When it comes to the display, it's awesome !!! I never had a phone, not even an iPhone with such a beautiful display ! The 1920x1200 Full HD resolution makes things look so crisp. And the few games I do play look so Hi Def... 

- The Cons :

Ok, nothing is perfect, that said, time to talk about the cons of this device, and they are quite a few sadly !

First, let me talk about battery life, which has been plaguing the Nexus line for quite a while now, with no fix in sight... I barely get 2 hours 45 minutes of screen on time or SOT... With around 12 hours overall. In my book that's the a major FAIL !!! C'mon LG get with the times !!!!!

Now, the display. Although it's awesome, crisp n all, the colors are way off ... Whites mainly, are washed out... I noticed a yellow'ish tint... Also, brightness is way too high which sucks even more battery juice... Not very well calibrated... Now I know that it will be fixed via a custom Kernel in the near future, still for people who don't like to mess with all that, will kinda have to suffer it... Not good LG/Google !!! FIX IT !!!!

Thirdly, the camera. It hasn't made it in the Pros section, simply because it doesn't have any, sadly enough. Even after the so called Update to 4.4.2... It still takes quite a while to focus, and pictures are not as good as I would like them to be, like on my brother's Note 3, which takes amazing shots... I don't see this getting any better, any time soon ... Pretty much a dead area here xD

Lastly, I would like to mention the sound quality. Although I will never watch movies, or listen to music on the speaker, sound is quite low even with the new Hardware revision. If you are like me and prefer to use earphones, like the Beats ones, sound is loud and clear. Otherwise not so good...

- Conclusion :

All in all I love this phone, since it's a Nexus, hence getting updates pretty quickly from Google. It's fast, smooth, display is awesome. And, with me being somewhat of a Flashaholic, I don't mind the cons, since I will be getting a better experience once I find the custom ROM for it.

I do not regret getting this phone at all... On the contrary, am so glad I did ! I will be flashing every custom ROM I get my dirty hands on, until I find the one that will give me what I want; tons of customization options, good enough battery life, and a better camera... 

So, I would recommend this phone, only to those who like to venture into the ROM flashing world not to those who prefer the stock experience or have no knowledge in that area... To tho those I would recommend any Samsung device which have more options to play with right outta da box...

Anyway, hope this mini-review proves to be useful to all of you out there who want to get the Nexus 5...

With that, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ;)


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